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APT-7400 Flyprobe rent

1, for the EMS factory, in contact new customers, new models, the effective guarantee of product quality, and strictly control the quality at NPI, and effective way to help successfully undertake new cases and important cases. Especially in the EMS factory has not been determined to win customers OEM orders, and customers also proposed the use of flying probe tester in trial production phase, when in the end is not the fight for orders to spend huge sums of money to buy flying equipment there are other better solutions after that? Our proposal is in trial production phase may consider renting Our flying equipment, EMS factory finally won customer orders, according to customer needs assessment buy flying equipment.

2, some of the customer's product is a small factory OEM EMS, models and more volume is not large, these small EMS factory due to the size limit, no flying equipment, after mounting the finished product delivered to the customer, customer self into functional test and found too bad, and because of the power of reason when functional testing, burn board phenomenon is very much, in this case, the customer will assume the function tests before, the best can be the first to fly in the placement process bad to be detected, in order to avoid direct functional test which led to high maintenance costs
3, EMS workers and some production has TAKAYA flying equipment, a stage high capacity, the plant can not meet the original equipment flying capacity, but append a new machine to meet short-term needs, this investment is too big This is the best time to hire TAKAYA flying a scheme.