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Auto Focus Socket Device

The stepping motor on the Socket drives the focusing wheel mechanism group, plus the control mechanism (motor card and control box) with the program
Control, in order to achieve the computer to judge the MODULE test value and then accurately issue focusing instructions to the stepping motor to complete the product
Adjust the focus to the best position; if there is a gap between the center position of the Socket fixture and the center of the light box, use X-Y
The two-axis translation adjustment device is used to adjust the position, so that the center of the Socket fixture is the same as the center of the light box, and the air pressure electromagnetic in the upper left corner
The valve is used to control the action of the black point/white point device and the rotary pneumatic cylinder on the SF Socket.
The black and white field test project automates part of the optical function test of the product, which can reduce the operating time of manual testing and further
And the advantages of improving the reliability of shipped products and reducing production costs.

Focusing is judged by computer
Reduce the variance of personnel focusing
Fast focusing
Can reduce personnel costs
Length 412mm × Width 370mm × Height 205mm