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Label Inspect equipment

Label Inspect equipment SHARPTEST science and technology combined with high-frequency light source of the shot detection machine in which the high-frequency light source
Features include the same lighting characteristics. In addition, this machine can adjust the height of the bar code of the test, so do not need
A large work space. This machine is designed in its high-performance production testing of lens equipment, used in diversity and
Heterosexual varied products. Mass production by the small amount of production system are suitable for this machine. The product range of applications for the VGA
Application number painting; production line in operation technicians need to bring into the Socket module seat to computer testing program
Control machine rotate optical inspection and testing, and the use of laser alignment manner Chart board for scan test
Each product is tested five kinds of optical bar code, and to monitor whether the value of the test program a preset value, to
Achieve conformity to product delivery standards for testing of aircraft equipment.
Label Inspect

Integrated input / output control and applications produce
Integration support analysis statistical reports and test data collection
Length 560mm × Wide 560 mm × High 939mm