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Scanning lens equipment

Scanning lens SHARPTEST science and technology lamination test machine designed to produce high-performance of the test lens equipment, used in diverse
Heterosexual sex and varied products. Mass production by the small amount of production systems are suitable for this machine In addition, this machine also can be shot
Electrical test and functional focus, the production line in operation technicians need to be placed in the lens module Socket seat electrically
Brain test program controlled machine motor, and driven by the pressing mechanism means the lens slowly pressed to the best focus position, use
High-frequency light source and far focus and near focus for the test environment, the test was placed in the test fixture, the focus under the pressure of institutions
And monitoring whether the value of the test program the preset value, to achieve the purpose of the production test.

MTF inspection
destotion inspection

Dust inspection
Shading inspection

Integrated input / output control and applications produce
Integration and auto-focus imaging test test
Integration support analysis statistical reports and test data collection
Length 690mm × Wide 750 mm × High 1245mm